HAMSA Helps…But, How?

When an individual or their loved ones recognize the need for help with an addiction, they may seek guidance and support to determine which path to recovery is right for them – and that part of the process is one place where HAMSA Helps. 

HAMSA offers Jewish Atlantans a unique resource to make navigating the dizzying maze of recovery and treatment options less overwhelming, providing vital support during an oftentimes confusing process. In order to achieve lasting recovery and long-term sobriety, the range of treatment options must be accessed. Whether an individual requires counseling and support groups, short-term detox, intensive outpatient treatment, long-term residential treatment, or any combination thereof, HAMSA has the resources to help put together the pieces of the recovery puzzle.

HAMSA’s dedicated clinician is available to help clients determine the appropriate level of care for their specific needs, and our Information and Referral Specialist is available to consult with clients to offer suggestions for local and regional treatment programs. We are also actively working with treatment programs to help them understand the needs of Jewish clients and therefore offer an ever-growing network of programs that feel comfortable for Jewish addicts seeking recovery. HAMSA also offers support for families and loved ones of addicts moving through the recovery journey.

The disease of addiction is often greatly misunderstood, particularly in the Jewish community; but we are not immune to the substance abuse crisis. While we embrace one another both in times of triumph and tragedy, a veil of shame still hangs over the disease of substance abuse and addiction. HAMSA is dedicated to helping the Jewish community better understand and address addiction through increased awareness, education, outreach, and one-on-one support. HAMSA is here to help by pulling back the veil of shame surrounding addiction in the Jewish community, making accessing treatment options less intimidating, and bringing hope, healing, and lasting recovery to those who struggle with addiction and the people who love them.

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Sally Anderson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Sally Anderson, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has provided clinical services in the area of Substance Abuse for 7 years. Having worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, Sally loves to assist clients navigate their path to recovery by helping them find meaningful connections. Her approach to sobriety includes helping clients develop deeper insight into their addictions and working with them to gain the tools to navigate life’s challenges without alcohol or drugs. Sally uses her own experiences with recovery along with clinical interventions, to help people develop richer lives filled meaning and purpose.